Affiliation Criteria :
We feel happy to co-operation with like minded educational organizations. Who fulfill the aim & objects of the Pune Business Education Training Board (Maharashtra).
1. Any Registered Society / Trust which working for the development of education.
2. Any educational institute which working for the development of education.
3. Any experienced person / educationist who run an educational institute. Who fulfill the terms and conditions of the board is eligible for the affiliation. For more information about affiliation , please contact our Head office.
Important Document for Affiliation :
1. Associate Society Certificate of trust.
2. Society trust constitution certificate copy.
3. Management Sanstha /School/ Institute copy.
4. School /Sanstha/ Institue to Attested to copy proposal.
5. School/Sanstha/ Institute Building Certified Map.
6. School/ Sanstha / Institute Building Photo Graph.
7. School/ Sanstha Institute Bank Draft Rs.3000/- (Survey Fee – Not Refundable )
8. School/Sanstha / Institute Staff List.
9. School/ Sanstha/ Institute Two Passport Size Photo, ID Proof ..
10. Chairman / President Notary Stamp Rs.100/-. x 3. 1. Principal Office 2. Staff Room 3. Library Room 4. Class Room 5. Practical Labs.
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