Regional Co-Ordinator Work

* Regional Co-Ordinator Works
  1. The Regional Co-ordination and Consultation with Head Office regularly.
  2. The Regional Co-ordination must have contact with all TC centres regularly and monitoring their activities regarding the courses and syllabus.
  3. Regional Co-ordination should provide consultation and guideness to the TC centres.
  4. Regional Co-ordination must sent monthly report regarding the all TC centres in the Region.
  5. Official Equipments and materials should be sent the TC centres only through the Regional Offices.
    Medium of Instruction
  6. Regional Co-ordination to support all training centers and training partners and to conduct events / seminars at training centers through training partners.
  7. Regional Co-ordination to conduct examinations at all training centers in Displin and keep their reports and exam photos in their records.

The medium of instruction and the medium of examination in all the vocational subjects shall be in Marathi,English and Hindi.
Issue of Certificates

Certificate for Diploma Course, Completed Awards will be issued by PBETB (PUNE BUSINESS EDUCATION TRAINING BOARD), PUNE (MAHARASHTRA) and it will be distributed through the Regional Co-ordination to ATC centers and to the students..

Regional Co-Ordinator/State Officer

Mr. Kranti Mahajan Amravti
Mr.Sachin Ambekar Khed (Ratnagiri)
Mr. Ajay Patil Maharashtra (State)
Mr. Jitendra Mahajan Mumbai
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