CodeCourse NameModel CurriculumQPS Name
ASC/Q1001Sales Consultant Level 4DownloadDownload
ASC/Q1003Sales Consultant (Pre-owned Vehicles)N/ADownload
ASC/Q1009Sales ManagerN/ADownload
ASC/Q1103Automotive Showroom Host_v2.0DownloadDownload
ASC/Q1105Automotive Telecaller_v2.0DownloadDownload
ASC/Q1109Sales/Service Trainer (Dealer)N/ADownload
ASC/Q1401Four Wheeler Service Assistant_v2DownloadDownload
ASC/Q1402Four Wheeler Service Technician_v3DownloadDownload
ASC/Q1403Four Wheeler Service Lead Technician _v2.0DownloadDownload
ASC/Q1407Automotive Paint Repair Assistant_v2.0DownloadDownload
ASC/Q1408Automotive Electrician_v2DownloadDownload
ASC/Q1409Automotive Engine Repair Technician_2.0DownloadDownload
ASC/Q1411Two Wheeler Service Technician_v2DownloadDownload
ASC/Q1413Body Shop In-ChargeN/ADownload
ASC/Q1421Automotive Washer_v1DownloadDownload
ASC/Q1422Automotive Accessory Fitter- V1DownloadDownload
ASC/Q1423Two Wheeler Service Assistant _v1DownloadDownload
ASC/Q1424Electric Vehicle Service Lead Technician _v1.0DownloadDownload
ASC/Q1502Spare Parts Operations Executive Level 5N/ADownload
ASC/Q1503Spare Parts Operations InchargeN/ADownload
ASC/Q1604Warranty InchargeN/ADownload
ASC/Q1606Workshop ManagerDownloadDownload
ASC/Q3101Automotive Welding Machine Assistant _v2.0DownloadDownload
ASC/Q3102Welding Machine Operator (Manual and Robotics) V2DownloadDownload
ASC/Q3103Automotive Welding Machine Technician _v2.0DownloadDownload
ASC/Q3501Automotive Machining Operator – V2DownloadDownload
ASC/Q3502Automotive Machining Assistant_v2.0DownloadDownload
ASC/Q3503Automotive CNC Machining Technician_3.0DownloadDownload
ASC/Q3510Automotive Conventional Machining Technician _v1.0DownloadDownload
ASC/Q3601Automotive Assembly Technician Automotive V2DownloadDownload
ASC/Q3604Automotive Assembly Operator_v1.0DownloadDownload
ASC/Q3605Electric Vehicle Assembly Technician_v1.0DownloadDownload
ASC/Q4001Tool DesignerN/ADownload
ASC/Q5101Product Conceptualization EngineerN/ADownload
ASC/Q6301Automotive Quality Control Assistant _v2.0DownloadDownload
ASC/Q6402Industrial Engineer (Workstation Design)N/ADownload
ASC/Q6403Industrial Engineer (Layout Design)N/ADownload
ASC/Q6505Manager-PLM( Product Lifecycle Management)N/ADownload
ASC/Q6801Manager Maintenance Mechanical & ElectricalN/ADownload
ASC/Q6802Automotive Maintenance Technician- Mechanical _v2DownloadDownload
ASC/Q6803Automotive Maintenance Technician- Electrical _v2.0DownloadDownload
ASC/Q6807Automotive Automation Specialist _v2.0DownloadDownload
ASC/Q8103Product Design Manager L7N/ADownload
ASC/Q8301Prototyping EngineerN/ADownload
ASC/Q8302Prototyping ManagerN/ADownload
ASC/Q8401Test TechnicianN/ADownload
ASC/Q8403Test Engineer- Product/VehicleN/ADownload
ASC/Q8405Testing ManagerN/ADownload
ASC/Q8406Electric Vehicle Test Engineer_v1.0
CodeCourse NameModel CurriculumQPS Name
ELE/Q0101Winding OperatorN/ADownload
ELE/Q0102Welding OperatorDownloadDownload
ELE/Q0106Pressing Machine OperatorN/ADownload
ELE/Q0108Assembly Operator – CapacitorN/ADownload
ELE/Q0115Cutting, Crimping and Connector Assembly OperatorN/ADownload
ELE/Q1101Business Development ExecutiveN/ADownload
ELE/Q1201VLSI Design EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q1301Verification EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q1401Physical Design EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q1402Design-for-Test EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q1501Embedded Software EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q1601Testing and Validation EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q1701Die Bonding OperatorN/ADownload
ELE/Q1702Wire Bonding OperatorN/ADownload
ELE/Q3101TV Repair TechnicianDownloadDownload
ELE/Q3102Field Technician – ACDownloadDownload
ELE/Q3104Field Technician Other Home AppliancesDownloadDownload
ELE/Q3105Field Engineer RACWDownloadDownload
ELE/Q3107Field Technician Digital CameraN/ADownload
ELE/Q3111Service Technician – Home AppliancesDownloadDownload
ELE/Q3202In Store DemonstratorDownloadDownload
ELE/Q3203POS Terminal Machine InstallerDownloadDownload
ELE/Q3503Injection Moulding Operator_v1.0N/ADownload
ELE/Q3801Electrical Design DeveloperN/ADownload
ELE/Q3901Smartphone Assembly TechnicianN/ADownload
ELE/Q4001Smartphone Quality Assembly SupervisorN/ADownload
ELE/Q4201Product EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q4603Customer Care ExecutiveN/ADownload
ELE/Q4605CCTV Installation TechnicianDownloadDownload
ELE/Q4606Field Technician Networking and StorageDownloadDownload
ELE/Q4607Service EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q4608Access Controls Installation TechnicianN/ADownload
ELE/Q4610Security System Service EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q4611Security System Installation TechnicianN/ADownload
ELE/Q4701IT Coordinator in SchoolDownloadDownload
ELE/Q5312EMS Operation and Maintenance ManagerDownloadDownload
ELE/Q5315EMS TechnicianDownloadDownload
ELE/Q5602Pre Sales Solar Technical Support EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q5801Solar Module Assembly TechnicianN/ADownload
ELE/Q5802Module Soldering OperatorN/ADownload
ELE/Q5901Solar Panel Installation TechnicianDownloadDownload
ELE/Q5902Solar PV System Installation EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q5903Solar & LED TechnicianDownloadDownload
ELE/Q6001PV System Maintenance TechnicianN/ADownload
ELE/Q6101Design-for-Manufacture EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q6102Electronic Hardware Design EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q6201PPC EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q6301Electrical TechnicianDownloadDownload
ELE/Q6302Mechanical FitterN/ADownload
ELE/Q6303Sub-assembly Technician (Electronic)N/ADownload
ELE/Q6304Mechanical Sub-assembly TechnicianN/ADownload
ELE/Q6305Assembly SupervisorN/ADownload
ELE/Q7201Field Technician UPS and InverterDownloadDownload
ELE/Q7303Mechanical Fitter Control PanelDownloadDownload
ELE/Q7501Site Engineer Control PanelN/ADownload
ELE/Q7804PCB Assembly OperatorN/ADownload
ELE/Q8001Installation and Service EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q8002Calibration EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q8101DTH Set Top Box Installation & Service TechnicianDownloadDownload
ELE/Q8103Repair Assistant SwitchesN/ADownload
ELE/Q8201FPGA Design EngineerDownloadDownload
ELE/Q8701Systems AnalystN/ADownload
ELE/Q8702Systems Design EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q8703PCB Design EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q9101LED Light Design EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q9102LED Light Design Validation EngineerN/ADownload
ELE/Q9302LED Light Repair TechnicianDownloadDownload
CodeCourse NameModel CurriculumQPS Name
CON/Q0101Helper Mason_v2DownloadDownload
CON/Q0102Assistant Mason – V2DownloadDownload
CON/Q0105Mason Concrete V2DownloadDownload
CON/Q0201Helper Bar Bender and Steel Fixer_v2DownloadDownload
CON/Q0202Assistant Bar Bender and Steel Fixer – V2DownloadDownload
CON/Q0301Helper Shuttering Carpenter_v2DownloadDownload
CON/Q0302Assistant Shuttering Carpenter – V2DownloadDownload
CON/Q0312Scaffolder ConventionalDownloadDownload
CON/Q0313Assistant Scaffolder – Conventional – V2DownloadDownload
CON/Q0314Assistant Scaffolder – System – V2DownloadDownload
CON/Q0501Helper Construction Painter – V2DownloadDownload
CON/Q0502Assistant Construction Painter and Decorator_v2DownloadDownload
CON/Q0503Construction Painter & Decorator – V2DownloadDownload
CON/Q0702Rigger Structural Erection_v2DownloadDownload
CON/Q0703Rigger Precast Erection – V2DownloadDownload
CON/Q0801Assistant Technician Prestress_v2DownloadDownload
CON/Q1001Assistant Pavement LayerN/ADownload
CON/Q1101Helper Interior Finishes_v2DownloadDownload
CON/Q1102Helper Façade Installer_v2DownloadDownload
CON/Q1103Assistant False Ceiling and Dry Wall Installer_v2DownloadDownload
CON/Q1104Assistant Façade Installer _v2DownloadDownload
CON/Q1105Doors and Windows Fixer_v2DownloadDownload
CON/Q1106Façade Installer – V2DownloadDownload
CON/Q1107False Ceiling and Dry Wall Installer_v2DownloadDownload
CON/Q1201Helper Fabrication – V2DownloadDownload
CON/Q1202Assistant Construction Fitter – V2DownloadDownload
CON/Q1203Grinder- Construction – V2DownloadDownload
CON/Q1501Store Assistant Construction_v2DownloadDownload
CON/Q3503Structural Steel NDT tester _v2DownloadDownload
CON/Q5101Mason Heritage Works (Electives: Lime/ Stone)DownloadDownload
CodeCourse NameModel CurriculumQPS Name
CSC/Q0112Operator – Plate Bending MachineDownloadDownload
CSC/Q0115CNC Operator – TurningDownloadDownload
CSC/Q0116CNC Operator – Vertical Machining CentreDownloadDownload
CSC/Q0204Manual Metal Arc Welding/Shielded Metal Arc Welding WelderDownloadDownload
CSC/Q0209Metal Inert Gas / Metal Active Gas /Gas Metal Arc Welder (MIG/MAG/GMAW)DownloadDownload
CSC/Q0303Fitter – FabricationDownloadDownload
CSC/Q0304Fitter Mechanical AssemblyDownloadDownload
CSC/Q0305Fitter Electrical and Electronic AssemblyDownloadDownload
CSC/Q0401CNC ProgrammerDownloadDownload
CSC/Q0402Draughtsman – MechanicalDownloadDownload
Code Course Name Model Curriculum QPS Name
HSS/Q0501 Phlebotomist_v2 Download Download
HSS/Q0502 COVID Frontline Worker (Sample Collection Support)_v1.0 Download Download
HSS/Q2301 Emergency Medical Technician – Basic Download Download
HSS/Q2303 COVID Frontline Worker (Emergency Care Support)_V1 Download Download
HSS/Q3004 Dresser (Medical) Download Download
HSS/Q3005 Geriatric Care Aide Download Download
HSS/Q3601 Panchkarma Technician_v1 Download Download
HSS/Q3602 Kshara Karma Technician Download Download
HSS/Q3901 Ayurveda Ahara and Poshan Sahayak Download Download
HSS/Q3902 Ayurveda Dietician Download Download
HSS/Q4001 Yoga Therapy Assistant(Options: Diabetes/Palliative Care) Download Download
HSS/Q4002 Assistant Yoga Instructor Download Download
HSS/Q4003 Yoga Wellness Trainer Download Download
HSS/Q4101 Cupping Therapy Assistant Download Download
HSS/Q5101 General Duty Assistant_v2 Download Download
HSS/Q5102 Home Health Aide_v2 Download Download
HSS/Q5103 General Duty Assistant Advanced Download Download
HSS/Q5104 COVID Frontline Worker (Basic Care Support)_V1 Download Download
HSS/Q5105 COVID Frontline Worker (Home Care Support)_V1 Download Download
HSS/Q5201 Dietetic Aide_v2 Download Download
HSS/Q5501 Medical Records Assistant_v2 Download Download
HSS/Q5602 Medical Equipment Technology Assistant Download Download
HSS/Q5603 Diabetes Educator Download Download
HSS/Q5604 COVID Frontline Worker (Medical Equipment Support)_V1 Download Download
HSS/Q5605 COVID Frontline Worker (Advanced Care Support)_V1 Download Download
HSS/Q6001 Geriatric Care Assistant N/A Download
HSS/Q6101 Hospital Front Desk Coordinator Download Download
HSS/Q6102 Patient Relations Associate Download Download
HSS/Q6103 Assistant Duty Manager – Patient Relations Service Download Download
HSS/Q6104 Duty Manager – Patient Relation services Download Download
HSS/Q6105 Pradhan Mantri Arogya Mitra _v2 Download Download
HSS/Q6106 Healthcare Quality Assurance Manager Download Download
HSS/Q6201 Central Sterile Service Department (CSSD) Assistant Download Download
HSS/Q6601 Sanitary Health Aide Download Download
HSS/Q8703 Diabetes Assistant Download Download
Code Course Name Model Curriculum QPS Name
SSC/Q0101 Engineer-Technical Support(Level 1) Download Download
SSC/Q0110 Domestic IT helpdesk Attendant Download Download
SSC/Q0201 Application Maintenance Engineer N/A Download
SSC/Q0501 Software Developer Download Download
SSC/Q0502 UI Developer N/A Download
SSC/Q0503 Web Developer Download Download
SSC/Q0504 Media Developer N/A Download
SSC/Q0505 Technical Writer N/A Download
SSC/Q0507 Engineer Trainee N/A Download
SSC/Q0508 Junior Software Developer Download Download
SSC/Q2211 CRM Domestic Non -Voice Download Download
SSC/Q2212 Domestic Data entry Operator Download Download
SSC/Q2213 Domestic Biometric data operator Download Download
SSC/Q2214 Collections Executive N/A Download
SSC/Q2301 Associate – Transactional F&A N/A Download
SSC/Q2501 Associate – Recruitment N/A Download
SSC/Q2702 Associate – Desktop Publishing(DTP) Download Download
SSC/Q2902 Legal Associate N/A Download
SSC/Q4201 Product Design Engineer Mechanical Download Download
SSC/Q4301 Design Engineer – PMS N/A Download
SSC/Q4401 Design Engineer – EA N/A Download
SSC/Q4501 Technical Writer N/A Download
SSC/Q4601 Software Engineer N/A Download
SSC/Q4701 Hardware Engineer N/A Download
SSC/Q4801 Quality Engineer N/A Download
SSC/Q4901 Test Engineer – Software N/A Download
SSC/Q5001 Tester/Test Engineer – Hardware N/A Download
SSC/Q5101 Associate Operations Engineer N/A N/A
SSC/Q5201 Engineer-Product Lifecycle Management N/A Download
SSC/Q6201 IP Executive N/A Download
SSC/Q6303 Sales/Pre-Sales Executive N/A Download
SSC/Q6601 Design Engineer N/A Download
SSC/Q6702 Software Developer Download Download
SSC/Q7001 Test Engineer N/A Download
TEL/Q0100 Customer Care Executive (Call Centre) Download Download
TEL/Q0101 Customer Care Executive (Relationship Centre) Download Download
TEL/Q0102 Broadband Technician Download Download
TEL/Q0200 Field Sales Executive-Telecom Plan & Services Download Download
TEL/Q0201 Sales Executive (Broadband) Download Download
TEL/Q0203 Territory Sales Manager (Prepaid) Download Download
TEL/Q0204 Territory Sales Manager (Broadband) N/A Download
TEL/Q2100 Distributor Sales Representative Download Download
TEL/Q2101 Telecom -In-store promoter Download Download
TEL/Q2200 Customer Care Executive (Repair Centre) Download Download
TEL/Q2501 Telecom Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Technician Download Download
TEL/Q2502 Line Assembler – Telecom Products Download Download
TEL/Q4100 Telecom- Tower Technician Download Download
TEL/Q4101 Cluster In-charge N/A Download
TEL/Q4102 Cluster Manager N/A Download
TEL/Q4103 RF Site Surveyor Download Download
TEL/Q4105 Wireless Technician Download Download
TEL/Q4107 Outside Plant Fiber Installation, Testing and Commissioning Supervisor Download Download
TEL/Q6208 Telecom Network Security Technician Download Download
TEL/Q6209 Network Administrator Download Download
TEL/Q6210 Telecom Technician – IoT Device/System (Installation & M2M Communication Setup) Download Download
TEL/Q6211 Drive Test Engineer Download Download
TEL/Q6300 Installation Engineer SDH & DWDM N/A Download
TEL/Q6301 Installation Engineer L2 & L3 N/A Download
TEL/Q6302 Network Management Engineer N/A Download
Code Course Name Model Curriculum QPS Name
AGR/Q1204 Farm Worker N/A Download
AGR/Q1205 Farm Manager N/A Download
AGR/Q1206 Farm Supervisor N/A Download
AGR/Q4101 Dairy Farmer/ Entrepreneur N/A Download
AGR/Q4102 Dairy Worker N/A Download
AGR/Q4103 Dairy farm supervisor N/A Download
AGR/Q4201 Milk Procurement & Input Supervisor N/A Download
AGR/Q4202 Village Level Milk Collection Center Incharge N/A Download
AGR/Q4203 Milk Tester N/A Download
AGR/Q4204 Bulk Milk Cooler (BMC) Operator N/A Download
AGR/Q4205 Chilling Plant Technician N/A Download
AGR/Q4801 Veterinary Field Assistant N/A Download
AGR/Q4802 Veterinary Clinical Assistant N/A Download
AGR/Q4803 Artificial Insemination Technician N/A Download
AGR/Q4804 Animal Health Worker N/A Download
AGR/Q4903 Aquaculture technician N/A Download
AGR/Q4905 Freshwater aquaculture farmer N/A Download

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